1. Get Started with AosEdge

Last modified by Kirill Osadchiy on 2024/04/17 10:41

Welcome to AosEdge, an innovative multi-access edge computing orchestration platform, engineered to accelerate the digital transformation of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Service Providers. Distinguished as the 'Kubernetes' for devices, AosEdge uniquely enables developers to deploy and run lightweight containerized services directly on connected units, considering their processing power, memory, and network throughput constraints.

At the core of AosEdge are two foundational components: AosCloud and AosCore. Together, they establish a resilient and adaptable infrastructure. AosCloud flawlessly integrates with third-party systems and diligently monitors data for custom units. Simultaneously, AosCore regulates the FOTA & SOTA update processes, shapes device data abstraction models, and directs system and service state monitoring.

Uniquely positioned to address a multitude of use-cases, AosEdge excels in tasks such as remote monitoring and control of device software and features, segregation and isolation of device features, efficient software and firmware updates across remote unit clusters, and transforming devices into service kiosks. Step into the world of AosEdge today and unlock the full potential of your connected devices.

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